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Our Mission

Locating rightful heirs and beneficiaries with compassion, transparency, and professionalism.

About AGHS

AGHS – American Global Heir Search – is an international forensic genealogical firm that locates missing heirs and beneficiaries to estates, guardianships, and trusts. AGHS is an American company. The company’s headquarters are in Tampa, Florida.

AGHS was founded in 2007 by parent company GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH. AGHS’s parent company was the first European firm to ever open an office in the United States. GEN is based in Berlin and is one of the largest companies in the business. Other locations include branches in Gera, Hannover, Hamburg, Cologne and Bayreuth as well as the Polish subsidiaries in Slubice, Krakow and Wroclaw and a subsidiary in Prague, Czech Republic. Furthermore, AGHS and GEN have close contacts with professional researchers and partner firms worldwide. AGHS works hand in hand with these partners whenever a case extends to another continent.

The AGHS Team

Services for Heirs

AGHS specializes in locating missing heirs in national and international estate matters which hold significant positive assets.

AGHS does not send out mass mailings and is not a debt collector. The only reason you are contacted is if you have been located and identified as a link to an estate.

AGHS bears the full risk before a client receives the inheritance. The fee is contingent upon success and leaves you completely risk-free.

  • Identification of missing/unknown heirs to estate, guardianships, and trusts
  • Acquiring all documents to prove the heirship (including the translation of foreign documents)
  • No cost to heirs unless AGHS is successful in recovering assets
  • Advancing all fees and expenses
  • Preventing delays for the distribution of estate assets
  • Proving reports, charts, documentation and Affidavits of Due Diligence for the courts
  • More Information


For peace of mind, AGHS is a bonded corporation with an Errors & Omissions policy of two million dollars.

Services for Attorneys and Administrators

After many years of handling competitive cases and documenting the interests of thousands of heirs both nationally and internationally, AGHS offers great incentive to fiduciaries.

Leaving no heirs behind, AGHS completes a detailed genealogical search and ensures that each requirement is satisfied. Additionally, AGHS brings peace of mind to attorneys who can feel confident and at ease knowing they are delivering the appropriate share to the appropriate heir.

  • Research for missing heirs or legatees
  • Serving due diligence requirements
  • Adaptable fee structure: Contingency fee, Flat rate, Hourly (competitive pricing)
  • Creating comprehensible color-coded family trees and pedigree charts
  • Completing family history for estate cases with or without a Last Will
  • Expert Court Testimony
  • Foreign Research


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