Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been contacted?
After extensive genealogical research, you have been identified as a possible heir to a filed estate, a trust proceeding, or unclaimed funds.

Is this legitimate?
Yes, AGHS does not send out mass mailings. The only reason you would be contacted is if you have been linked to an estate. Our company provides professional references that you may contact at any time.

Am I liable for a decedent’s debts?
Absolutely not. The legal process of probate is created to identify a decedent’s heirs or beneficiaries and for legitimate creditors to have an opportunity to be paid for debts that are incurred in one’s lifetime. The AGHS team diligently works to identify estate matters that will have a positive outcome for all interested parties. Heirs are not responsible for the decedent’s debts.

What about taxes?
For tax purposes an inheritance is not considered income, therefore, no income tax is due. The court will assess all applicable estate taxes prior to final distribution.

What happens after I sign and return my agreement to AGHS?
AGHS will contact you immediately, verifying the receipt of your signed agreement. Please note that faxed or electronic signatures are acceptable. AGHS representatives will be pleased to instruct you on the next steps in obtaining your inheritance and work closely with you throughout the process.

Who is leaving me money?
Most of the primary investigations that AGHS conducts are that of Intestate Succession (someone dying without a Last Will and Testament) and apparently “no known next of kin.” Through genealogy, your relationship to the decedent is the reason why AGHS has contacted you. In a scenario involving a Last Will & Testament, AGHS specifically locates beneficiaries who have been named in said will, but cannot be located by an estate attorney, a trust officer or the executor/administrator of a proceeding. We are not contacting you to try and locate a case for you; we are contacting you because we have already located a case.

Why can you not divulge all details of your investigation upfront before I sign?
AGHS has spent a tremendous effort to locate you. Our efforts are rewarded through a contingency agreement that allows us at our expense to represent you in court. The expertise of AGHS will allow your case to be expedited in a professional manner and ultimately save you money.

What if I already know what the AGHS proposal is about?
AGHS asks you to carefully weigh the financial and legal risks of attempting to prove yourself as a potential heir to an investigation. The financial risk of conducting any investigation by oneself can be quite burdensome if your matter does not come to fruition. In these scenarios, it is highly likely that you are still legally obligated to pay a legal counselor for his or her services and a retainer fees. From a legal risk, the experienced AGHS team assures the court that each potential heir is legally accounted for, leaving no one behind according the succession laws in which the case derives from. Ultimately, it is conducive to utilize the services of AGHS on a contingency basis.

What will this cost me?
Nothing, if you do receive your inheritance we collect a percentage. The percentage that we collect covers research fees, court costs, proving your heirship to the court, and attorney fees.