Services for Heirs

AGHS specializes in locating missing heirs in national and international estate matters which hold significant positive assets.

AGHS does not send out mass mailings and is not a debt collector. The only reason you are contacted is if you have been located and identified as a link to an estate.

AGHS bears the full risk before a client receives the inheritance. The fee is contingent upon success and leaves you completely risk-free.

  • Identification of missing/unknown heirs to estate, guardianships, and trusts
  • Acquiring all documents to prove the heirship (including the translation of foreign documents)
  • No cost to heirs unless AGHS is successful in recovering assets
  • Advancing all fees and expenses
  • Preventing delays for the distribution of estate assets
  • Preparing reports, charts, documentation and Affidavits of Due Diligence for the courts
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